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ZeroDay consulting provides advice on topics such as cyber security, technological risk management, data protection and privacy requirements. We live in a connected world and lending consideration to cyber security is no longer optional for business large or small.

As a result of continuous technological advancements new vulnerabilities will continue to come to the surface.

There are several ways businesses can tackle the problems associated with cyber-crime; in order to prevent cyber-attacks and associated crimes businesses and individuals must identify such risk areas and potential target assets through risk origin and attack vector identification exercises.

Businesses must regularly assess their cyber security defences and risk management roadmaps should be treated as necessity; serving as a focal point in board-level discussions and throughout the organization.

Cyber security and risk management activities should be thorough and seamless in both execution and deployment. It should be understood that, regardless of operational standing corporate assets will persist as targets of cyber-attacks.

Web-based crime and online threats will continue to evolve, and adequate provisions are now imperative based oncurrent technological landscaping: having the right level of preparation and assistance is vital to minimize the impact of adverse activity.

ZeroDay’s mission is to contribute to the construction of cyber resilient businesses, capable of not only withstanding today’s threats but also securing knowledge that enables swift response and recovery times.

Our goal of ‘Cyber Resiliency’ is achieved through providing comprehensive consultation on cyber security issues, privacy considerations and technological risk assessment – unique to each client environment.

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